WordPress payments gateway plugin WPSmartPay: lifetime deal[$69.00]

Lifetime deal of WPSmartPay, the best WordPress plugin for payments and collecting donations gateway service providers Starting at $69.00. Easy to set up payments and collect benefaction on your favourite WordPress site. It will be set up with just a few clicks.

Your online business wants to have a secured and easy system to pay and get paid. If your eCommerce platform is with WordPress, then it is not difficult to get the moon in your hand!

You don’t have time to spare your productive time. 

You don’t have a little knowledge of Coding. 

You want to set up a hassle-free payment gateway with the best customer satisfaction, trust and security then check it.

Have a look!  WPSmartPay.

What is WPSmartPay?

Before going to the discussion, dive into the video and try to enjoy it!

I think you have understood what WPSmartPay is.

WPSmartPay is a WordPress plugin by which you can sell different kinds of products on your WordPress site and accept one-time, recurring, and custom payments for any service or donations.

With this, you are able to 

– install and set up with just a few seconds.

– sell digital products,

– collect donations,

– provide subscriptions,

– offer customers a continuous payment experience without leaving the site.

– navigate easily and integrate with other plugins.

– get the one-time and recurring commission, don’t need to set up a shopping cart.

– get the easy to use ready-made payment form supported by Gutenberg.

Integrate the site to the most trusted payment gateways like Paddle, Razorpay, PayPal, and Stripe.
Most popular payments gateway will be integrated with the site.
Most popular payments gateway will be integrated with the site.

Features and Plans

Terms of the deal

– Lifetime access

– Update regularly.

– No coding knowledge.

– Maximum activate duration 60 days.

– Upgrade or downgrade ability between 3 license tiers

– Money-back guarantee within 60-days

– GDPR compliant

All Plan’s Features

– There are unlimited products

– There are unlimited forms

– Forms that are embedded and overlaid.

– Different templates for payment.

– Recurring and Subscription commission

– Custom amounts

– Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many more popular gateway integrations.

– Customer Relation Management (CRM) integration.

– Regular new features update.

– Regular product update.

– Donation Collection

– Registration forms for the event

– Accountant Dashboard.

Present Plans:

Present plans are as shown in the following pictures. Click on the pictures and go to the site, compare and select yours.WPSmartPay

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