What is programming

What is programming? Why do programming? How to do programming?

What is programming? Why do programming? How to do programming?

When a magician shows some magic we wonder how a bird can be made from a flower and how a living person can be cut. Programmers are the magicians of this modern age, they perform various kinds of magic with computers.

I think the whole computer is a magic box, the video is played, the movie is played, the game is played, the web is browsed, the calculator is calculated, all this kind of work is done by the software and the software Programmer.

Programming is a magic
Programming is a magic

What is programming?

Programming is the technique of working with a stupid machine computer, if you want to find the sum of two numbers and you write two numbers on the computer but adding a computer will not show you the result. You need to tell your computer to add these two numbers.

How to add now? Computers do not understand people anymore! We do not understand the language of such birds. So you have to tell him in a computer language that you do yoga.

Writing in the language of the computer and doing any work with the computer is called programming.

Why do programming?

A very interesting question, the computer that I mentioned above. Programmers are the magicians of this age! If you want to be a magician, you have to be a programmer.

Let me give you a funny example first. Then I will give a serious example of why you should be a programmer or do programming.

Imagine your loved one’s birthday 1 month later and you want to surprise him! There are many common ways to surprise your loved one. When I say the rules are conventional, it means that even if you are surprised by the conventional things, you will not be much more surprised.

If you are a programmer, you can create an app or a website for your loved one’s birthday, where you can put a lot of surprising content for your birthday so that your loved ones will be amazed that you have created software for them!

Let’s give some funny examples. This time let’s give a few serious examples of why you should be a programmer.

1. No matter what we say, we need money to lead a quality life and currently, the salaries of programmers are at the top.

2. You don’t need a 4-year varsity degree, just listen, you don’t need a 4-year degree to get a job as a              programmer, you just have to know to program.

3. You can work from home, you must go to the office for all other jobs, but in the programming job, if you look a little, you will get the opportunity to work from home.

4. There are endless opportunities for freelancing, the current age is the age of technology and in this age, there is a lot of need for programmers. So different companies outsource their staff, which is a great opportunity for you to get freelancing.

How to do programming?

This part is very important, as a new programmer I will tell you today how to start programming. When I go to learn to program, it is fun to read one or two videos and articles first. I think I have learned a lot, but over time, I feel better and it is not working. So the first step in learning programming is to stay focused.

First job

You need to choose a programming language. In that language, you will start learning to program. It can be C language, Python or Java, or any other language but since C is taught in the college curriculum of Bangladesh, you can start with C.

But one thing to keep in mind is that after practicing in one language for a few days, you cannot go to another language after a few days. You need to know the basics of at least one language well. Such as syntax, if-els, loop, array, etc.

If you want to learn C, you can start by buying Subin Bhai’s C programming book. If you don’t want to buy the book, you can read the online version of this book from http://cpbook.subeen.com/. After that, you will read the 2nd volume. And your daily companion is YouTube.

If you want to start with Python, there is also Subin Bhai’s book Python Programming and if you don’t want to buy the book, there is an online version of the book. You can get the PDF version from here http://pybook.subeen.com/. There is also a playlist of Bangladeshi googler Zulkar Nine Bhai on Python language on YouTube. And if you want to start with Java, you can start reading Anam Bazlur Rahman’s Java programming book.

And if you want to grasp the concepts of programming very easily, if you want your programming to be fun, then you can read the books in the programming series written by Jhongkar Mahbub Bhai in the JavaScript language.

2nd job

The first and foremost task is to finish the problem now by applying your acquired knowledge
Solve It is the job of programmers to solve problems. At this stage, you do not have to solve the problem by finding out for yourself from real life. You will solve many kinds of problems that some people have already created.

These problem solving can be done from various online problem-solving sites, I am giving below the address of some popular problem-solving sites, but in this case, also there will be a word you solved 10 problems on one site by going from one to another 20 hours to 50

But you can’t learn programming this way because you can go to every site and solve the easy ones and the difficult ones will no longer be caught. As a result, your education will not move forward.

    1. https: // onlinejudge .org /
    2.  https: //www.hackerrank .com /
    3.  https: //www.codeche .com /
    4. https: //www.urionlinejudge .com.br/judge en/login
    5.  https: // lightoj .com /

If you are a beginner then I have a suggestion for you, you can find out the beginner problems of uva online jazz by Google. The first link is the link of uva online jazz and I have a suggestion that you can start solving programming problems from site number 2 or site number 4.

These two sites are very user-friendly and good for beginners. Solve at least 150-300 problems first from any one site. After that, the more you solve, the more your skills will increase, but first, you have to solve 150-300, in which you will understand the basic concepts of a language well.

3rd and last work

You have learned a programming language, you have solved some problems this time Welcome to Real World. Start doing small projects that solve real problems with this knowledge you have learned. It doesn’t have to be a big project. Suppose Google or YouTube is your daily companion for small projects and ideas such as small calculators, or “tick-tack to” games.

If you continue to solve problems after the project in this way, you will go to a better stage of becoming a programmer. However, like Rabindranath, I have to write at the end of this article.

You need to learn more about algorithms, data structures, graph theory, databases, and many more things, but if you learn what I said in the beginning if you keep working, you will understand what else you have to learn.

Here are some things to keep in mind before concluding:

1. Never give up and you will never achieve anything. You must always have full faith in yourself.
2. Have full faith so don’t go cutting down trees with needles, if you don’t do any work and keep making mistakes again and again, then you should make sure that you are trying to cut down trees with needles. You start again to find the right way to solve the problem
3. Before you start writing the code for problem-solving, you must first think about how to solve the problem. If necessary, write down the steps in the notebook.

Stay well, stay with us stay healthy, take care of your health, take care of the people around you, goodbye like today.

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