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What is digital marketing? Why and how to start?

What is digital marketing? Why and how to start?

Do you have a business? Do you want to spread your products to the customer worldwide? Have you any intention to make money by marketing other products? Do you want to make active and passive money? Yes, you can choose digital marketing!

“Notice: In this article, we will  say digital marketing as digital advertising, online marketing, online advertising, digital promoting, online promoting etc to avoid repetition.” They all are similar in meaning!!!

What is digital marketing?

For the internet, the world is a global village. Distance is not a factor here to communicate with each other. Because they are connected by different social media, websites, search engines, youtube, etc. Using these media one can advertise and inform others about his product or service. After that these different types of methods are used to promote brands or services.

All marketing movements using digital intelligence is called digital marketing.

……………In short, we can say it.

Do you know?
  • 1/3 Americans use to go online for daily uses.
  • then 43% of Desktop users go online more than one time a day.
  • 26% of desktop users stay online mostly.
  • and 89% of mobile users go online more than one time a day.
  • 31% of mobile users stay online frequently.

According to ““

As a marketer, it should use these opportunities to advertise won brand or service.

What are the assets:

The assets that we need to do online marketing are around us. In addition, To do digital advertising we have knowledge about the following things.

  • A website
  • Logos, icons, acronyms, etc
  • Video content
  • Images ( maybe: infographics, product ranges, company images, etc)
  • Text content (blog posts, eBooks, product descriptions, etc)
  • Online tools.
  • Written Reviews.
  • Social media.

Types of online advertising or strategies:

Items of the list of digital advertising strategies are added day by day. To get the benefit of online advertising, the number of using these strategies is increasing. From the diversity of the list, some popular are given below.

  1. Content Writing.
  2. Pay-per-click (CPC)
  3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  4. Social Media Marketing.
  5. Email Marketing.
  6. SMS Marketing.
  7. Native Advertising.

To know details about types of online advertising or strategies click here.

Content Marketing:

There is a saying in English, content is king. So, every step of digital advertising writing content is essential. To write product reviews you have to write content.

What is content? Content means a description of anything using text, images, diagrams, videos, and publishing in any digital media. In other words, In the language of marketing, the digital advertising of any product or brand is called content marketing. 

Parts of an article

  1. Title or heading.
  2. Subtitle or subheading.
  3. Introduction.
  4. Body.
  5. Conclusion.

Content is the key to online marketing. Moreover better content is more attractive and acceptable than any other strategy of online marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What is search engine optimization?

We can divide search engine optimization in two parts to make it understand.

  1. Search Engine,
  2. Optimization.

Example of search engine are as follows:


Optimization means the action of making the best.

So, search engine optimization   is a process and technique of getting keywords in the relevant search result. And SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. 

It is very important for a digital promotion system. People search according to their needs. So, search engines (that mentioned above) present different titles, descriptions, images, etc with their link. 

Search Engines gives the result of maintaining some pages with the help of their search results.  Customers decide to choose their products or other. As a result the marketers have a scope to gain revenue.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a paid method of marketing. Generally, Google shortens content to the search result according to some criteria of content. But sometimes it gets paid by the advertiser to show their content to the top of the search’s first page. It is crear in the picture below.

Pay-per-click (CPC)

What is ppc

In the meantime we have learnt that ppc means pay-per-click. It is a way to earn visitors by paying costs. The advertiser pays for each click on their ad shown. In this way the advertisers get a visitor with buying on their sites rather than get the visitor  organically. 

Search engines take a great part of this ppc marketing. 

For example, if I present the previous image. The red indicated marking search comes from ppc marketing. 

You cannot decide ppc as a costly method because you can get a hefty margin from the visitor you gained by ppc.Suppose you get a visitor by paying $2 and the visitor bought a product of $200 cost. Here approximate revenue is $198.

Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is a kind of promotion of services or products using different kinds of social media. Now, it’s the day of the internet. If anybody wants anything to buy or collect he goes to browse unwittingly. 

Now is the time to make friends with the whole world. For this, there are many social media sites. Similarly, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and many others.

Some advantages make social media marketing rapidly increasing. 

  1. It increases traffic.
  2. So, increase conversion.
  3. Create brand awareness.
  4. Then, this creates a jealous position within the related association.
  5. Improve community.

Both two method are for social media marketing.

  1. Paid Marketing.
  2. Free Marketing.

It is possible to promote without spending any money by making good content relating the product you want to promote. There is another way to pay for promoting a product.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the powerful channels of digital marketing. This marketing method is a direct method of marketing. Here the marketers educate their coming customers about their products, brand, and services.  The news of discount offers are to be sent to the listed audience. 

For email marketing first you have to collect emails in different ways. Then send mail manually or auto with email marketing service payer. There are many email marketing service provider such as mailchimp, GetResponse etc.

SMS Marketing.

Once upon a time mobile was not so prevalent as now. Now we can say that, you don’t get a single man who has no mobile phone. If you want to connect with the most number of people you can use a mobile phone. You can use short message service-SMS.

There is not a single day when we don’t get messages from mobile companies knowing different offers and promotions. Beside mobile companies you can see promotional sms from various persons or companies. This type of promotion  is called SMS marketing. 

Now, it is very easy to promote a product or service using sms marketing . It a  effective promotion. 

So, if you have a product or service to market  you can use this technique of marketing. There are many companies to give this service to send bulk sms with masking or non-masking. Masking means that you can customize the sender identity instead of a phone number.

Thanks,  try to start.

Native Advertising.

Natuve Advertising is a method of advertising that is less intrusive and contextual of natural content. It provides high Click-Through Rate (CTR) and boosts conversions. Here people don’t oblige to see the promotion to buy. 

The marketer can espouse creativity to reach the love of the reader. So that he can convert without any hesitation. He came to learn. The marketer wants to educate by posting and in a scope the offer technically. Native ad is very popular. 

Do you want to do digital advertising? Are you ready? Before doing that we have to know the importance of digital advertising.

Why is digital  Advertising?

We will discuss two types of importance of online marketing in two ways:

  1. Why is digital advertising important for a business?
  2. Why is digital promoting important for you as a career?

Benefits of taking digital advertising as your career?

You must have heard of digital marketing. Increasing trend of it is also promising for a person. The person may be a student, a service holder, non service holder, an industry or others. So, It has a good chance to take online marketing as a part-time career or full-time career.

Internet Live Stats about 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. 

Some Reports: 


Source – We Are Rosie (2020



Source – McKinley (2019)


Source – The Left Bank (2019)


Source – Content Marketing Institute (2020)

According to Smart Insights, some of the most in-demand skills for 2017 were digital advertising, content creation, content strategy, and social media.

As per LinkedIn, Digital Marketing was the 2019’s Most Promising Jobs in the U.S.

Scope for taking digital marketing as a job.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Mobile Marketing.
  5. Email Marketing.
  6. E-Commerce Marketing.
  7. Content Writing.
  8. Copywriting and editing.

Why do you choose digital marketing as your career?

Online marketing profession is ever-changing and engaging. A lot of creatives, specialists, businessmen, and self-entrepreneurs are working in the field. So there are so many opportunities to learn new ideas and ways and to follow. Beyond this, some motivational points are here!

  1. Versatility: 

There is a variety of work and learn. If you want to develop your existing skill you have too many opportunities to do so. 

  1. Earnings: It is possible to get both active and passive income through digital marketing. If one learns the process of digital marketing she can earn more than others.
  2. Creativity: This field is such a field where many creative people are here. They show their creativity in their policy. Beside this there are many forums where it is very possible to introduce each other by corresponding knowledge of creativity.
  3. Training won pace: If a marketer or an entrepreneur wants to improve himself he can do it easily. He will work with different kinds of people and learn new things everyday.

How to start digital marketing?

Suggestions to be a professional in the field of online marketing.

  1. Don’ t focus on money for the first time.

Don’t think about earning more money in the first step. You should be concerned about gaining skill. Money earning demand can make you disappointed. Rather than skill, developing tendency makes you a skilled digital marketer. So don’t focus on money at first.

  1. Gain knowledge of local business.

Gain knowledge of local marketing strategies while you do for others. Skill in local businesses makes you confident of your work and future. You can find expectancy in the long run.

  1. Interactive with friends and family

To do better in online activities you need people. With the help of your friends and family members you can make your own region of business. This friend may be social media friends. Try to make a good connection with them.

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Go ahead with your potential profession of digital marketing.

Best of luck! 

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