70+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts to Become a Pro in No Time

70+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts: want to be a Professional

Before describing “70+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts to Become a Pro in No Time” I will ask you – Do you use Canva to design your needs? Do you know the growing trends of using Canva?  If yes, this post is for you and it will make you so efficient, skilled.

Canva is the number one place to create graphics online without installing any heavy-weighted software. If you are interested to use Canva to create more and more designs, 70 keyboard shortcuts, might be excited to learn. The shortcuts must save time when editing graphics. Canva is very favorite to make different kinds of banners for social media sites.

More than 70 Canva Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Learn like a pro

To work on the pc of any type of computer it is more professional to use a keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut makes you skillful, efficient, time-saving. If you have to use every time to drag and drop different king of elements, it is time-consuming. So, Canva, the best platform of graphic design software provides the facilities to use so many keyboard shortcuts. From them, 70+ Canva keyboard shortcuts are given below.

Complete List Of Canva Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Adding a line: L
  2. Add a rectangle: R
  3. For a circle: C
  4. Insert a text box: T
  5. Make text bold: Command-B
  6. Make text Italiciz: Command-I
  7. Give an Underline: Command-U
  8. Using uppercase letters: Command-Shift-K
  9. For using Left align text: Shift-Command-L
  10. For Center align text: Shift-Command-C
  11. Giving anchor text to the top of the text box: Shift-Command-H
  12. Giving anchor text to the middle of the text box: Shift-Command-M
  13. Set anchor text to the bottom of the text box: Shift-Command-B
  14. Decrease the font size by one point: Shift-Command-,
  15. Increase font size by one point: Shift-Command-.
  16. Srink line spacing: Option-Command-Down
  17. Increase line spacing: Option-Command-Up
  18. Srink letter-spacing: Option-Command-,
  19. Give letter-spacing: Option-Command-.
  20. Clean up: Alt-Shift-T

Complete List Of Canva Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Copy style: Command-Option-C
  2. Paste style: Command-Option-V
  3. Make deselection an element: Esc
  4. Select all elements: Command-A
  5. Save command: Command + S
  6. Zooming in: Command (+)
  7. Zoom out: Command (-)
  8. Zooming to actual size: Command-0
  9. Zoom to fit: Alt-Command-0
  10. Zoom to fill: Shift-Command-0
  11. Undo an Action: Command-Z
  12. Redo: Command-Shift-Z
  13. Insert a comment: Option-Command-M
  14. Set Next comment: N
  15. Set Previous comment: Shift-N
  16. Present in full-screen mode: Option-Command-P
  17. Off full-screen mode: Esc
  18. Mute  unmute video: M
  19. Loop video: Alt-Shift-L
  20. Play or pause the video: Spacebar

Complete List Of Canva Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1.  Q to shush the crowd
  2.  D for a drumroll
  3.  C for confetti
  4.  O for bubbles
  5.  B to blur presentation
  6. Shrink sidebar: Command + /
  7. Scrolling view: Option-Command-1
  8. Thumbnail view: Option-Command-2
  9. Grid view: Option-Command-3
  10. Toggle assistant: ?
  11. Navigate to the toolbar: Command-F1
  12. Lock/unlock: Alt-Shift-L
  13. Show guides: Command-;
  14. Show Rulers: Shift-R
  15. Add an empty page: Command-Enter
  16. Delete an empty page: Command-Backspace
  17. Delete Selection Content: Backspace or Delete
  18. Duplicate an element (option 1): select the element and click Command-D
  19. Duplicate an element (option 2): select the element, click Command-C to copy, and Command-V to paste
  20. Move an element in increments: select the element and click the arrows

Complete List Of Canva Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Move an element in larger increments: select the element, hold Shift, and click the arrows
  2. Bring element forward: select the element and click Command + ]
  3. Send element backward: select the element and click Command + [
  4. Send element to the very back: select element and click Option-Command-[
  5. Bring an element to the very front: select element and click Option-Command-]
  6. Select the front element, hold Command, and keep clicking to reach the element at the back
  7. For Group elements: select the elements and click Command-G
  8. Ungroup elements: Shift-Command-G
  9. Move multiple elements (not grouped): select an element, hold Shift, select the other elements, and drag them
  10. Select the element/s, hold Shift, and drag corners to resize
  11. View an element’s distance from other elements and from the edges: select an element, hold Option, and move your cursor


In fine, we expect that you enjoyed our article about Canva keyboard shortcuts! With the shortcuts mentioned above, we know you can become a Canva pro in no time.

If you have any questions about Canva, please comment below. Thank you for reading the article, I’ll be happy and excited if you share your opinions and ask me to provide useful information on a topic like this! 

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