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Keyword Generator Tools: find keywords idea

Keyword Generator Tools

For every method of digital marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, content writing keyword generator tools are essential to make an idea of potential keywords.

1। Keyword everywhere ( chrome extension )

2। (

3। Google Keyword Planner

4। Quora (

5। Seo quake ( chrome extension )

6। Keyword Shitter ( )

7। keyword Io ( )

8। keyword keg ( )

9। Spy fu ( )

10। Soovle ( )

11। Keyword spy ( )

12। LSI Graph ( )

13। LSI Keyword ( )

14। Keyword Revealer ( )

15। keyword Surfer ( chrome extension )

After Keyword Generate we have to notice Monthly Search VolumeMonthly Search Volume. And Search volume means the monthly search volume of the related keywords. 

To see search Volume following tools: Keyword Generator are available.

1। Ubersuggest  (

২। Keyword shitter ( )

3। Google Trends ( Graph showing )

4। SEO quake ( chrome extension )

5। Word tracker ( )

6। Word Stream ( )

7। Keyword Keg ( )

8। SpyFu ( )

9। LSI Graph ( )

10। LSI Keyword ( )

11। Keyword Revealer ( )

After finding Search Volume we have to follow ‘All in title’ and ‘All in URL’.


All in title: ‘All in title’ refers that how many users use the exact keyword. The lower number of  ‘All in title’ is good to compete.

In an addition, All in the title we have to write like the following in the google search bar.

                            **allintitle:”keyword”  **

All in url: All in URL means how many URL contains exact the Keyword. Yes, All in Url is being lowed is better. All in URL like the following-

                              **allinurl: “keyword”**

Therefore we have to see keyword difficulty and SEO difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty for Keyword Generator: 

 Keyword Difficulty means the index that indicates how difficult to come to the keyword to the search result. It is measured within 100. 

We should not take the keyword for a competition that has more than 30 keyword difficulties. So, Keyword Difficulty is also known as SEO difficulty or keyword competition.

How to find out Keyword Difficulty?

  1. SEO Quake
Keyword Generator Tools
  1. Spy Fu
spyfu for Keyword Generator Tools
  1. ahrefs
ahref for Keyword Generator Tools

Seo Difficulty: 

Seo Difficulty indicates how difficult the keyword is for SEO. However, it is also measured within 100 indexes. Seo Difficulty is good that less than 30.

Competitor Site Analysis:

1| Weak Page:- E-commerce ( Not more than 5 because it means that this  Keyword is for an e-commerce site)

News Site, Question Answer Site,

2| Page Rank (PR):-, Max- 3

3| Page Authority (PA):- MozBar (chrome Extension), Max-30

4| Domain Authority (DA):- MozBar (chrome Extension), Max-30

5| Content Quality

6| Backlinks:- Mozbar

7| Social Share:-

8 | Youtube Video: Subscribe is less than 5000.

9| Competitor er Page Analysis:- Seo Quake (extension), Seo Meta in 1 Click (extension), Alexa Traffic Rank, Similar Web (extension)

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