5 Common Mistake in Digital Marketing

5 Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Now a days common mistakes in Digital Marketing is one of the trending learning topic. To be a successful marketer have to research about mistakes and have to be flexible to accept them positively to avoid unwanted obstacles.

1. Not keeping proper Marketing Budget.

digital marketing budget

In the case of a small trader, what he does is he buys a product for $20  and sells it for $30. Then he calculated that I had earned $10. But he forgets about his labor and propaganda. In the future, when the scope of his business grows, he falls into problems. Then the calculation of his profit does not match. In the field of tech products, he stops after developing the product. He thinks he has no more work. He does not have any allocation for marketing the product. As a result, the product does not generate the expected revenue. He has to be disappointed in the future

2. Not a consistent marketing effort.

digital marketing

There is a word, everybody knows two things in the world, one is football and the other is Coke. Coke means Coca-Cola. Everyone knows Coca-Cola. Still is spends a lot on marketing. But why? Because it wants to stay in your mind. It never stops its marketing spending. Not that I stop advertising after three or six months. There must be a continuum of advertising. He spent $100 a month and did not spend the next month. This is not called continuity. So your product will not leave a mark on people’s minds.

3. Considering quick return from marketing.

Considering quick return from marketing.

Suppose your wife buys Maggi noodles every month. He sees ‘Mr. Noodles’ on the shopkeeper’s shelf but do not buy them. After many days, one day it was seen that there were no Maggie noodles in the shop. But you need noodles. What else to do, he takes Mr. Noodles. Mr. Noodles had been advertised for so long, but was not selling. After many days, it was sold today. So it cannot be said that income will come immediately with marketing. Have to wait. Let some time to create a brand.

Marketing is Marathon, not a sprint. So wait and see.

4. Looking for shortcut and sure shot

shortcut of marketing

Don’t find shortcuts every time. The shortcut can not work. Suppose one company recharge and apply a shortcut system, you can not expect good results using its strategies.

You have to consider the present condition. And change marketing decisions.  

5. Focusing on only one channel or platform

digital marketing channels

One channel of marketing is not wanted. There are too many channels of marketing. Email marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, SEO, Many of us think that marketing means Facebook marketing. There may have different marketing platforms. Linked In marketing, Reddit marketing, Instagram marketing, etc. It is not true that one type of marketing policy brings gain always. We have to change the marketing channel and marketing platform.

Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master.

_ Philip Kotler.

Thank wait and apply a different kind of strategies to be a master in marketing. Keep connected with us.

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